Tati the Momma Tiger






adventure & elopement Photography

I believe every mother should get in front of the camera and shed all of the weight of expectations and soak in the memories.

You deserve it!

Tatijana and her family were such a pleasure to work with. She is such a hard working momma who drove over an hour to be apart of this shoot with her beautiful babies. I want to share a bit about motherhood from her point of view and what these moments captured.

"Motherhood sure does change you. It changes you into a teacher, a gentle being, a patient being, a loving being. Sometimes the days are long but remembering the years are short makes the drawing on the wall, the loud screaming laughter, the accidents all of a sudden seem fine. Watching the flowers you created bloom over the years is the most rewarding thing ever. Motherhood is the best hood.

Nevaeh ~ Travonne ~ Levi

The beautiful intricate part of motherhood is that you can try and raise siblings but know that each one requires their own set of needs and raising and when you take the time to truly connect with each one... you gain a deeply rooted connection that stands the test of time and all the roller coaster emotions of life.

Nevaeh is funny, creative and athletic, Travonne is athletic, funny and caring and Levi is smart, funny and creative. They may have things that bring them together and similarities but the depth of their needs are unique and this momma is so intentional about leaning into their uniqueness.