elopement Photography

Wondering where to elope? It is such a simple answer. Wherever your heart desires! There's no rules when you elope. We break the mold of tradition and follow wherever your love takes you. Why spend money on a party for everyone else and be too stressed to enjoy it, when you can be intentional and focus on just you and your honey. Having the experience of a lifetime, creating epic memories and having them captured to be your legacy. Showing generations to come that your new life was built on love and not expectations. Sounds too good to be true? It doesn't have to be! I help plan and take as much of the stress off as I can. Did we

become best friends?!

Where to wander

Are you wanting thrill seeking, adrenaline, epic views and a story you'll never forget? Trying new things, conquering fears? Or would you rather have the epic views and

just a leisurely stroll to get there? Bringing parents, grandparents or children? I have location guides for all of it! Some of my favorites I have traveled to and can guide you through are Northern Ireland( traveled most of the country so not limited to Northern) , Scotland; Isle of Skye and the Highlands, and my newest favorite, Alaska! I have traveled to 49 states and 5 countries and would love to share my expertise with you. If it’s a different place you desire, I’d love to help you research and make that dream happen! If you can dream it, I can plan it! 

My job is to tell your stories and leave an indelible memory over time. I'm here to guide you to the best day of your lives!


We're going to do things a bit differently. This is about you; this is about telling your story.




I've never been interested in the stiff and stale posing approach that we're all too familiar with. My philosophy is about documenting the real, raw, and authentic love — like when he turns around and sees you for the first time; when your loved ones get choked up giving their reception speech; when your new spouse grabs your hand under the table when no-one's looking, or sweet stolen kisses. My photos are meant to freeze time for just a moment, allowing you to truly remember what it felt like to be there.

I'm not here to create pixel perfect images, I'm here to capture the authentic moments where you feel most loved. Let's tell your story, together.

Hi, I'm Alex!

I just want you to take a breath right now and know that this is a safe place. We aren't shooting for perfection. We are wanting to capture whatever season of life you're in, the way you're in it. As authentically as it gets. Life can be challenging and hard—it's also oh so rewarding. My life's anthem is to Brave The Journey, so let's come together and make some magic and embrace the beauty of it all.

I am an ear to listen, and a smiling face to encourage you and tell your story with my gift in photography—and with that gift, I strive to find ways to best serve you.

So let us grab a coffee (I love a good chai tea or matcha) and chat about life or shoot me an email and figure out how to embrace the moment...

Chasing the Light

Our sessions won't be what you are probably use to. We won't be worried about cookie cutter poses or feeling too stiff. We will be using fun prompts and corny jokes to get genuine reactions and interactions with each other. Not stressing and just being yourselves. I get way too excited about creamy light and following it wherever it takes us to get those dreamy images you want to hang in your home or post to your feed.

Just laugh, I'll get the shot!

More often than not I have to tell my clients not to worry about me. I get in crazy positions, balance on rocks or whatever is near and usually have to go barefoot to get muddy or waist deep in the lake too! If I slip or stumble I just joke that you need to laugh because I'll get the shot! (Also double check my gear/baby is fine too! Ha!)

Capturing Memories

A few quick things about me, I love being spontaneous and winging life (my ability to go with the flow drives my husband crazy! He's a planner and hates getting lost. Those people always marry each other?!). But I also try to be intentional in things that matter. I love being a wife and momma to our two boys and getting back to the basics of homesteading. Simplicity is so beautifully underrated.

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Client Experience Testimonials

Alexis has been taking our family photos for almost 2 years now! She not only knows how to make my kids smile (or makes it look like they are in the photos) for the camera but makes the photo process fun for them! My husband loves when she does our photos, "Because she catches our personalities, its just real life." She is the best 10/10 recommend!

Kacey Davis

I taught Alex in 5th Grade, and when I saw she became a photographer I could not be prouder! Her work is incredible to look at, and then I went to her as a client! WOW! I was blown away! Not only were her ideas fresh, she was personable, made myself and my husband feel very comfortable, and had an artistic way of looking at each picture! I can't wait to print my pictures to show off!

Sarah Myers

When I started my journey of getting my pilots license, I knew when I had finished I wanted photos with the airplane I trained in. Well the months passed and I eventually got my license, but I had put getting my pictures made on the back burner until Alex reached out and we made it happen! I got the photos back shortly after and was completely blown away with them! I couldn’t have imagined anything more perfect!

Brooke Punches

Working with Alex was such a pleasure to say the least. Upon arriving to our shoot we were greeted with a sweet, bubbly smile. The whole shoot was filled with laughter, friendly conversation, and capturing moments that I will treasure for forever. Within the hour of our shoot, I felt like I had made a friend and was happy to have had Alex shoot such an important milestone in Jordan and I’s lives. The pictures are everything I could have asked for and more! It truly was a 6 out of 5 star experience.

Montanna Clemons