The age old phrase that the days are long and the years are short is a cliche for a reason. It's absolutely true! As a parent we love their new milestones and celebrate them but they are also bittersweet because it's one step closer to their independence. We miss the last phase but are excited to see who they'll become. As a mother, I cherish every photo of my beautiful boys because those seasons of their life, even the hard ones for us, (ha! Can I get an Amen?) Are worth capturing. A snapshot of time that when It passes us by we can look back and remember. Remember the way their little arms wrapped around are neck, their little fingers around ours, how they waddle or scrunch their nose.

Momma, I know you're tired. The idea of getting all of you ready and in the car and just praying they will be happy when you get there or smile for the camera is daunting. I've had my fair share of those family shoots with my boys. You know what? They are still totally worth it!

I am here to encourage you and motivate you to get in front of the camera! Don't wait til whatever excuse you have in your head about how you look. You are their everything and they just want to remember the way you held them close and made them feel safe.

My job is to make you feel comfortable. Just take a breath and let me walk you through it. We will pick out outfits that'll make you feel beautiful, comfortable, confidant and coordinated. I don't focus on structured and stiff poses. I will prompt you and let you interact naturally and get candids you'll love and cherish. You can bring a toy they love that fits your aesthetic, pack snacks, we will play and run and tickle and just enjoy our time together, capturing & soaking in sweet snuggles without distractions. This session is for you. But it is also their legacy, what they will look back and hold onto throughout their life. One day they will be so grateful you took the time even when you were tired. You matter!

The moments you stop to soak it in are the moments we want to frame, whether it be a day in the life session or an adventure session. Book yours today.

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The gallery below is last fall when my friends and I decided to do some mommy and me photos and braved hiking with our kids in the cold to get some fun shots of the autumn glow. If we can do it, so can you! Was it crazy?! Absolutely. Did we have fun and make awesome memories?! You bet! Fall is coming and you won't want to miss out on these gorgeous colors!